Skin Research Stretch Marks 100ml

The Skin Research Stretch Mark Cream is a hero product in our new Salon Treatments Collection. Designed for use in the professional environment, this is a Professional Treatment.

A new product in the Skin Research, Salon Treatment Collection: New Stretch Mark Cream with Wild Rose Extract

Our stretch marks and scars cream is an innovative, targeted treatment that aims to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, which may appear on anyone and at any time of life. The cream may also helps also to lighten and soften scars and when used on a regular basis and in some cases make those scars temporarily less visible. This is a cosmetic product.

Key Ingredients:
- Urea
- Avocado oil
- Shea butter
- D-panthenol
- Collagen
- Arnica extract
- Vitamin E

Target Age: 40+/ Maturing Skin

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